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Staff Introduction
Keisuke Onodera(小野寺 恵介)

小野寺恵介は、群馬県出身の日米のプロ経験を持つ元プロバスケットボール選手。高校を卒業後は同志社大学に進学。更に、アメリカのマイナーリーグABAに所属するチームSan Diego SOLとプロ契約を結びました。



Keisuke has professional experience both in Japan and the U.S. He is originally from Gunma and played for Doshisha university. Then, he made the San Diego SOL in the ABA, a minor league in the U.S. After going back to Japan, he was selected from a tryout for the bj league (pro league in Japan) and played for Oita and Saitama. During his pro career, he had the experience of translating for teammates from overseas. Now, he has stopped to play to go back to school, Saitama university, to get a Master's degree in teaching. Besides studying, he is joining many camps and sharing his experience. 

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